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​​IT is time to talk man-to-man.C

PROJECT start date is November 13, 2016

Now the date is June 18, 2017

There is a word we need to study in the United States of america.  Today and just for today click and listen to this word.  If you did not click, then all of this turns to jello.  Watch that jello wiggle as it is touched.  Smell the lime of it all.  See the jello melt as it sits at room temperature and turns into a liquid.  Now you have done it. Waited too long.  Let a small decision go tensely down the drain of life.  Now did you go back and click on that word?  I promise no tricks.  No computer (snow-den) thing.  No cookies, cake, or pie.

May we start at the beginning when this word is introduced into our life as a sport on the play ground.  The game is called kickball.  There are two teams and you are not the captain and you did not get picked first by either of the captains.  You stand there in your thoughts and wait.  The word finds a crack in your character.  It stands with you and starts the list.

I did not want to be picked first by him or her. 

This is a silly game anyway; who invented it.

The grass is too wet.  

I should be reading tomorrow's assignment. How is this game teaching me any life skills?

Then the word matures and graduates into the adult world of work, play, wife, house, children, and on-and-on it goes.  The word gets educated and speaks for itself now.  The word sits beside you and tells the very people you love the most...

This is your fault and your going to take it like a man.

Why don't you listen to me for once.

You could never stand up for yourself and today is no exception.

What were you thinking when you chose her?

Are you really so smart that you deserve all that money?


The very thing, place, person, or situation you hate about the VERY thing (etc) you see as a fault in the person you are now talking to, thinking about, or need to go to and confess to right now.

When you fish in this lake, there will be thinking.  When the river is too swift to fish, there is only one thing left to do...hang on for the ride.  There is a Bible thing in that ride.  It starts when you click on the word.

AND NOW...once again


Keep me Current.

Help me Think.


100% Organic is NOT equal to grassfeed.  The diet in America contains 32.7 percent more SUGAR than any other country.  A good water source is the first diet step.  Deep breathing every two hours is second.  


ONE...  Drink clear, clean, fresh water when rising from any sleep period BEFORE consuming ANYTHING else.  More than four ounces should do the work.  Then drink as much as possible during the awake time.

TWO...  Build the diet foundation floor with fruits and vegetables that are fresh.  Good luck with the fresh (thing).  Most "store bought" items come from a large distance away.  So fresh can mean more than five days getting to market and stamped with a date that sells the most.

THREE...  Avoid, resist, and control the urge to follow the advice of the published food pyramid foolishness. 

FOUR...  Digesting no more than 8 ounces of meat (or fish) everyday keeps the stomach in perfect chemical balance and provides all the complex protein that is required.

FIVE...  Stay away from a processed (anything) that is advertised to be good, health, organic, and/or convenient.

The freezer is full.  The food cellar is full.  Waiting for the Fall 2017 harvest.  Cancer diet is studied.

This fishing trip is different.  The fish is us and the fisherman is The Holy Spirit of the one true God.  This God came to this planet as a man and suffered the fake news of the day from the church.  It was much stronger then and was in cahoots with the secular government.  That government was the Roman empire.  More on that later.

This site exists for five BIG reasons and has only ONE BIG mission.  Before we get to the list and before you click away, ask yourself  ..."How did I get here and why do I want to stay?"   <Read More>

Between the hours of 1631 and 0001

 Bucket List started on April 22, 2017

This section continues to evolve into a life-style note on the three outline headlines of my life.  Getting older?  Want to share a real promise?  Need a place to talk about something besides yourself?  The (BUCKET LIST) is the need-to-go part of this website fishing trip to experience the BEE-ginning.

THE THREE (B)ees do not have anything to do with business and certainly not as critical.




The expansion of the bees will remind me of the need to expand the bee (insects that pollinate our food) population.  It encourages me to get off my behind and move (that would be exercising).  It refers back to the permanent section of teaching food and the need to rise from a restful sleep and drink water.  Water is THEE best beverage.  Now for the day-to-day of the life shared with my wife.

The BOOK is "The Genesis Flood," by John C. Whitcomb and Henry M. Morris.  I am reading the 50th anniversary edition.  In about 1980, I was handed the book, for the first time, from a fellow worshipper in San Diego.  It's science.  It's Bible.  It's PhD.  The reading does not flow like a novel.  The push to read and explore is the MO.  Skipping pages is a common-place and the fact there is a book that helps with the idea the whole earth was flooded with a rush of water that flooded all the mountains has always fascinated me.  I continue to succumb to the urge to prove God "is telling the truth."  I consider this a blessing.

The BEVERAGE is anything with vodka.  There are distilleries and tap rooms being built in every town, city, and empty field.  The spirits come from any grain available and grown in northern Wisconsin.  Corn, rye, wheat, and (well you get it).  Very interesting and very tasty alone with the fruits, sugars, and vegetables added.  So far the "winter wonderland" coconut thing is my favorite.


The BIBLE remains a link to the The Harbinger.  I go to TV church. Currently going through some (old guy) medical stuff and the truth is God and I have never felt so close.  One interesting point here is the way He moves in my life with the people I know and trust.  I view VIDs on Utube and find it a special comfort in knowing God is sovereign.  I welcome the promise of seeing His face one day. 

And there it is; the NEXT UPDATE.

Books...Beverages...Bibles.  A note here now becomes necessary.

         1.  There are tons of books to read.

         2.  There are bottles, cans, jugs, and a tap of beverages.

         3.  There is more than one approved version of the Bible.

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Teach me Food.

Today is a day for the only question worth asking.


07 June 2017

What is the motive(s) behind building this website?

NEWS FLASH...we are getting VERY CLOSE to the next iteration of the website.  PLEASE hang in there?

I just read an article that wrote the top ten media (bullS**T) messages for the day.  It ends with a statement on critical thinking.  Here is my take on this noise.  It is from the perspective of a man who grew up in the country and worked (literally) all his adult life.  "Except for the five years during the dark ages.  It started in 1991 after the bankruptcy of the world's greatest airline company...PAN AM World Airways, INC" and ended in 2000.  OBTW.  I paid into the system and the system graciously paid some of it back.

A favorite dining business has a "pick two" menu and that seems like a good idea for this (keep me current) post today.

The first pick is "the future will be better tomorrow."  I most certainly have a hope for the great future ahead.  A critical analysis of this prediction may seem "too big to grasp."  But think on this antonym.  First know the word used refers to another word, I offer a phrase instead.  "The future is like a box of chocolates, pick first... then taste."  You can always spit it out.

The second pick should be the first pick, but I listed it as second because (I could).  "We live in a free country that respects our rights."  The last time I read the Declaration of Independence published in 1776; it still states that I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (the happiness thing really means to own property)."  For every other right I am a volunteer when the authorities question or confront.  In a civil society, we need to commit to each as a whole and submit ourselves to the law and order of our state.  That does NOT mean that I go about in a fog and take myself and my family to a place of complete chaos.  Which seems to be the case of what is happening on the TV today with the paid acting crowd.  Don't be fooled into submitting to the (foolish) speak.

Now back to the Bible.    It pretty much works (any place you start) on the best crowd of disenfranchised voters OR power seekers OR privileged (beautiful people).