Keep me Current.

PROJECT start date is November 13, 2016

There was a king that once lived in Persia.  He (pretty much) controlled and owned everything and all the land known as "the ancient world."  As this story goes, he made a final quest west to the great sea (Mediterranean) in the year (about) 611 b.c.

Think?  Does this detail matter?  Why is there such a need to know what year?  Is 2016 a.d. any different then any other year?

Back to the project.  He marched his armed force into the city of Jerusalem and burned it, blasted it, and blew it down.  But as the story goes, he saved the (special) people.  Then, marched the soldiers and his new citizens back to the homeland (Iraq/Iran/Kuwait) and set them up to succeed in every way.  But, as the story goes, there were three men that finally came to our (line in the sand).

Think?  Why take with force and then ask for agreement?  This kind of agreement comes with "strings attached."  They were given the best food, cool drink, nice shelter, and as the project went along; to think for themselves.  Now for the road block.  The (god) police tattled on those three special people about not going to prayer time and bowing down to the golden image.  What is this conviction concerning a few words to a few gods?  Well in the Bible convictions matter.  And for S, M, and A this was not part of the agreement.  I just can't help to wonder why (the praying thing) was not discussed as part of the agreement.

Well as the story plays out in Daniel chapter three, the men march to the furnace for a good lesson in disobeying the king.


Think?  When does disobeying become a life-n-death decision for you?  When can we expect the full agreement to be discussed? 

AND NOW...once again


Help me Think.

Today is a day for the only question worth asking.


03 DEC 2016

Why was the universe created?  From the oldest piece of literature written by civilized men, we find the following words.  'Now gird up your loins like a man, for I question you, and you teach me.  Where were you when I found the earth?  Declare if you know understanding.'

We start with that question because at the end of any day you chose, no living (or dead) person can declare (it so).  We can only convince each other that our story is the story to cling to like a child to dad's open arms.  The step out (over the big. black, and bottomless cliff) will always be the "first step."

Now then decide.  Will you be a:

  1.  A young earth thinker and look for worldly evidence to support the claim.  Young earth thinking starts when that early writing (above) was carved in the stone or inked on the pallet.

  2.  A old earth thinker and look for worldly evidence and/or work with equations that define the space/time continuum.  Seemingly very popular today, is a great think crowd that "has discovered the beginning of time."

  3.  A null earth thinker and look only to the here and now. Discover what is to come during the next day.  Not bother with any wanting to know or thinking about the (why).

There is a very important pronoun used in the (why) question.  It is the (first person singular form of another human)... I...

If you can not (or) will not decide to be a time thinker, it is impossible NOT to convince anyone who is still breathing that using the pronoun (I) invokes a taking of sides conversation. This is in our DNA/RNA or (flesh and blood).  We can not escape this fact that a two-sided conversation is about to take place in this moment (of time).  In other words, if I start by asking you... the sides of the conversation have formed even without saying  (or convincing) anything to anyone about nothing or everything.

See the problem?  We can not avoid thinking about (or ignoring forever) the question, "Why was the universe created?"

It is here, in that space, we can talk if you want?  It is here, during this time, we can look at each other through the great discovery of the written language and declare THERE IS A GOD AND YOU ARE NOT HIM.

This website has a grand mission.  It is a Biblical mission.  It has been inspired from the very last instructional video known to have played on the hills of Bethany.  The trip back home that day was full of GREAT JOY. 

Enjoy a good fishing trip on the world wide web.  Time is-ah wastin'

Luke 5 fishing

Teach me Food.

Thanksgiving Day 2016

This seems like a good time to restore confidence in healthy eating habits. goes.


ONE...  Drink clear, clean, fresh water when rising from any sleep period BEFORE consuming ANYTHING else.  More than four ounces should do the work.  Then drink as much as possible during the awake time.

TWO...  Build the diet foundation floor with fruits and vegetables that are fresh.  Good luck with the fresh (thing).  Most "store bought" items come from a large distance away.  So fresh can mean more than five days getting to market and stamped with a date that sells the most.

THREE...  Avoid, resist, and control the urge to follow the advice of the published food pyramid foolishness. 

FOUR...  Digesting no more than 8 ounces of meat (or fish) everyday keeps the stomach in perfect chemical balance and provides all the complex protein that is required.

FIVE...  Stay away from a processed (anything) that is advertised to be good, health, organic, and/or convenient.

The pemmican is made and stored away.  The deer hunt is over and the freezer is full.  The first snow fell in a glory of a few wonderfully white inches. Yippee!