The crash of the 
USS Challenger JAN 28, 2017

Diet and exercise.  We train for this.  We expect to succeed.  The science is getting somewhat advanced in the nature of digestion disaster.


ONE...  Drink clear, clean, fresh water when rising from any sleep period BEFORE consuming ANYTHING else.  More than four ounces should do the work.  Then drink as much as possible during the awake time.

TWO...  Build the diet foundation floor with fruits and vegetables that are fresh.  Good luck with the fresh (thing).  Most "store bought" items come from a large distance away.  So fresh can mean more than five days getting to market and stamped with a date that sells the most.

THREE...  Avoid, resist, and control the urge to follow the advice of the published food pyramid foolishness. 

FOUR...  Digesting no more than 8 ounces of meat (or fish) everyday keeps the stomach in perfect chemical balance and provides all the complex protein that is required.

FIVE...  Stay away from a processed (anything) that is advertised to be good, health, organic, and/or convenient.

The pemmican is made and stored away.  The deer hunt is over and the freezer is full.  The first snow fell in a glory of a few wonderfully white inches. Yippee!

Keep me Current.

PROJECT start date is November 13, 2016

Now the date is March 19, 2017

Today is a day in the March madness (thing) that I want to suggest a LARGE thinking about how we decide what is truth OR somewhat true Or kinda true OR just out-right foolishness.  The MSM peeps show this concept of thinking with a "truth meter."  But ...really... does it take a meter to measure truth?

‚ÄčLet's start with a statement.  Any statement will do for this example.  I like confrontation.  So I want to pick something VERY confrontational today....Wait for it...>>>

"The US government has our best interests at heart when deciding to add to the words of the constitution"  Nah?  I reserve the politic thing to fools and assassins.

"My neighbor has my concerns at heart when his dog barks for two hours during the night (time) sleep."  Nah?  I need to confront him first before I make any conversation public.

"My wife loves me bigger than the moon and back."  Nah?  I regard love between married couples as sacred so this forum is definitely out.

"My thinking process is marred with worldly thinking."  YEP!  There it is.  Here is the beginning of a great truth (by definition).  The first (thinking) concept I need to dispense of is a "definition."  Who does this stuff of defining?  Aah ... the expert.  The respected one that puts out the word and everyone agrees with the words (overtime...sometimes a long time.)  Here is a good example of the experts talking.  "The earth is flat."  Without getting into too much detail, type a search for (flat earth) and discover there is a society club to join in the fight to prove (still in 2017) "the earth is flat."  OMG really?

Now, shall I help our defining of the definition.  When we converse, the first part of our thinking should ALWAYS be who defines what we are talking about.  Is it a third party expert?  Could it be an agreement of the crowd?  Is it personal between the two conversates?

Now...look up and think...where did that last word come from?


Think before I act out some foolish thought and before I go fishing today.  That may be the first step in healing a devision that is being played out right now in the good ole' USA.

AND NOW...once again


Today is a day for the only question worth asking.


27 APRIL 2017

How is it that we are drawn toward the bad the ugly the disenfranchised?

Well let's see.  I need to start with the three parts of the verb disenfranchise.  POWER weakened.  VOTING RIGHTS deprived.  PRIVILEGE taken.

That is all there is to a worldly system of granting to the grant(ee)s.  If we feel weak or deprived or stolen from, it is because the value of our world is a measure of what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste.  All the senses can not measure how bad it can get or why the ugly never see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I study the Bible both for content and for human revelation.  It certainly talks a great plenty about the privileged doing the disenfranchising to the (not) so privileged.  Sometimes I refer to these groups as "the beautiful people" and the "the ugly remaining."

Here are some take-aways.

1.  No one takes your Godly blessings.  You give them up without a fight.

2.  No one cares about how you care for yourself until they discover something they want to change about themselves. The world calls this self-improvement class.

3.  No one wants what you have until they need to brag about it later in their public life.  The world calls this "a better life."

4.  No one asks for help first.  They wait until it hurts to ask.

5.  No one finds a better life inside the same (box of values and desires) until that box has been disenfranchised.

Now back to the Bible.  It's a book that has survived at least 4000 years of editing, destruction, assembly, and a constant beating down.  The next time when the urge to become disenfranchised strikes, try keeping current and open the pages of this book.  It pretty much works (any place you start) on the best crowd of disenfranchised voters OR power seekers OR privileged (beautiful people).

Help me Think.

Teach me Food.

NON-moveables 2017                                  THE BIG FIVE

1.  The basic facts for the Christ follower are published and continue to be proven with good science.  The list starts with (sin,love,joy,peace,the fruits of the Holy Spirit.)

2.  All will die and choose.  Or choose and die.  You get to pick which one.

3.  There is ONE God and one earth that God created for man to multiply and bear fruit.  NO alliens, UFO's, or any other ET's.  No parallel universe.  No dimension that exists but the HERE and NOW.

4.  Time goes forward.  ONLY forward; and for any relative observation.  All other thinking serves to confuse the man living in the created, natural world.

5.  I am ONLY and FINALLY accountable to this one living true God.

Luke 5 fishing

 Bucket List updated April 22, 2017

This section continues to evolve into a life-style note on the three outline headlines of my life.  Getting older?  Want to share a real promise?  Need a place to talk about something besides yourself?  The (BUCKET LIST) is the need-to-go part of this website fishing trip to experience the BEE-ginning.

THE THREE (B)ees do not have anything to do with business and certainly not as critical.




The expansion of the bees will remind me of the need to expand the bee (insects that pollinate our food) population.  It encourages me to get off my behind and move (that would be exercising).  It refers back to the permanent section of teaching food and the need to rise from a restful sleep and drink water.  Water is THEE best beverage.  Now for the introduction.

The BOOK is "The Great American Bank Robbery," written by Paul Sperry.  He claims it is "unauthorized."  I am now finished reading.  There was no great revelation.  The book does great justice to investigating the crooked government.  Hill-R-rey is not even the tip (of the tip) of the iceberg waiting to devour your cash...your land...your sense of decency and fair treatment.  The MSM should be ashamed of ignoring the foundational principles of this country.  

The BEVERAGE is the only morning liquid allowed in the house before 1700 GMT.  The reference to the starting point of time has hidden meaning.  I think coffee would make a good international trade currency.  Here is why:  the US of america does not have very much (physically).  April 22. 2107.  YEP SO FAR AGAIN.

The BIBLE is a link to the TRUTHforLIFE.  I go to TV church. Cannot stomach the "call to entertain...I mean worship." No disrespect intended here but praying for a good ole' tent meeting in america these days.  My fellowship group has been meeting for 20 years, so I am doing step four in the (repent thing...satire intended with a praying heart)..."get connected to a small group."  Go to the church link and watch (find and click the message series) "White Noise."  You will be glad you took the time. 

And there it is; the NEW UPDATED.

Books...Beverages...Bibles.  A note here now becomes necessary.

         1.  There are tons of books to read.

         2.  There are bottles, cans, jugs, and a tap of beverages.

         3.  There is more than one approved version of the Bible.