The day always begins with carrying water to the chickens.  The 50, now 44, are right on schedule for their butcher date.  The project start is motivated by the need to "care for something" and get a four needs value from the task.  This is a personal record of the journey that is named "The half-hearted return to the simple days of food."  The pictures rotating through the year's of time.  They are a good walk down the fishing trip of record.  Chicken meat is the Summer 2016 home project.

PROJECT ending date June 3, 2016

AND NOW...once again


This website has a grand mission.  It is a Biblical mission.  It has been inspired from the very last instructional video known to have played on the hills of Bethany.  The trip back home that day was full of GREAT JOY. 

Enjoy a good fishing trip on the world wide web.  Time is-ah wastin'


Take and give.  Some call this a more modern phrase.  Pay-it-forward.  But forward is not always the direction in life.  Is it?  The record in a book titled the Bible has given rise to this website.  Thanks to years of an education system that taught "get off your butt and do something important," the decision was made to fund this site and go fishing in the big lake of (ones and zeroes).

Teach me Food.

Keep me Current.

Luke 5 fishing

Today is a pondering for the poorest of the poor.  A (TED) video tells me that one-half of the poorest people on the planet are farmers?  Never mind about how the elite classify you as the (the poorest of the poor).  It will shock (the reader) off the page. Stay with me...please.

Think now... a family that cannot adequately feed themselves practice farming food and livestock and poultry.   How bad is that?  Here is a BIBLE reference:  Matthew 26: 11.  Even the Yahshua Messiah acknowledged to HIS disciples " always have the poor with you..."  So ponder now.  What is the difference between the poorest of the poor and those ONE billion people on the planet that do not have enough to eat???

Now for my thoughts.  Do (the reader) notice that I used the phrase (practice farming)?  So... why do those poor farmers (practice farming), if they end up not being able to feed themselves?  There seems to be a motivation problem here...profit over subsistence.  So what will it take to farm to eat instead of farming to sell?  Say with me...we may discover .WHY.

The continued effort to make ANY difference.

Earlier postings appear last in this column.

This SONday start with a viewing of the docu-drama titled "When God Left the Building."  It streams on the amazon site for a buck-ninety-nine.  A discussion is about the rules of religion and the survey (results shown in the movie) taken after being recognized as a Christian.  Think about how we allow change in our lives when all that is wanted is the four needs of living.  Stated here they are:





This is a half-hearted attempt to make a difference in a man's life.  Does that sound non-PC?  Too bad.  Try to focus on something else besides the need to be heard "at all costs" and think about the single-family moms and the children growing up to discover that a student loan is not paid when sitting in a coffee shop bitching about the (make america great or future we believe in or any other cute little thought that is paid for by the working man of this country.